Day 02. Biomimicry's Day 01

After being a bit disappointed about the first day of the athens course, the second one had to be better to start to discover the biomimicry’s world, in fact for what we came for.

In the morning we started with the same as Monday, introducing ourselves to the being here website. It seemed the day would be as the day before as we haven’t done a lot of things and I had the impression of being losing time.
The afternoon course was really interesting. There we started with the biomimicry’s basis which is biology. The lecture about the bee’s world and what can we learn about them was very interesting. The passionate way how the conferencist gave the lesson made it really interesting. There I can see how nature can help us in design or the way they do some things that we actually do it totally different. There I got conscience of how big the biological world it was and how many solutions we could obtain to real life problems. It encouraged me to believe that not all is invented and that maybe the nature, a world we have near us but sometimes we ignore, is the solution to the problems non solved yet.
After a very good lecture we started with the group work that was also very creative and interesting. The way we was introduced was very nice so we all gave ideas to the other groups to develop their projects and then each group started with their theme. Then real job was starting to be done. All of us had an objective and a big project to think about it so it led us start to be active and feel productive. This sensation was positive and there also we started to get closer each other to work together. We ended the day at a reasonable hour so then we could share with the other course mates doing an ATHENS program and we were by far the most proud of our course.

Cerqueda Codina