Never fall in love with your own work.
"Dieter Rams"

Looking back at this special week, I sense a mixed feeling.
I really enjoyed working with the group, made new friends and I certainly got to learn more about Biomimicry. However I don’t feel we have really designed something that touches the field of Biomimicry. This maybe has to do with the assignment, designing a faculty, but may also be the result of the way the course was designed.
What we basically did was looking for some Biomimicry solutions and try to apply them in our specific subject. However if this application is feasible, was not considered as important and this de-motivated me. I believe there could have been room for more detailed feedback.
Therefore it is maybe useful to implement a more detailed assignment for the coming years.
This allows the students to analyze biomimicry solutions even better, and really start combining nature, chemistry and physics. I believe this eventually will result in a higher degree of satisfaction, but more importantly gives students an idea of what biomimicry really is.
What was also unclear for me is what yupta and being there really contributed to the project. Of course I understand it is nice to have a kind of blog where everybody can post it’s articles, but I did not found a lot of biomimcry related articles on this website.
The lectures of Janine Benuys on are truly inspirational and in my opinion inspire people better. The yutpa is of course relevant when designing a building, but if next year the assignment is not about a building but somewhat more specific I don’t know how this technique really contributes to biomimicry design. When talking to other students I found out everybody was struggling with these two aspects of the course.

Still, I must admit I respect the way Jaco has lead the students all by his own and has stimulated social interaction in a positive way.
Thank you Jaco,