Evaluation of the ATHENS Biomimicry design course

The last two days of the course were dedicated to the final presentation. Each repetition, the presentation became more fluent, the content of the presentation became more clear and also the slides improved. In the end, I think our team can be very satisfied with the result.
The start of the project was quit hard because the subject "education and communication" is a bit vague. We came up with a lot of ideas but in the beginning it was difficult to decide in which direction we were working. After two days we managed to better structure the matter and the results became better and better.
We started at the beginning of the week without any clue where we would end up. After 5 days of intense brainstorming, reporting, intense communicating and team-working, the group created an entire concept for the bio-based engineering building. I was surprised by the nice people I met and the result we could achieve all together. The biomimicry intensive course was a great experience which I could recommend to everybody.