Day 1

Day 1 Athens week

As a first day it was quite weird because we did not have any scientific lectures.
The social lecture we had instead was really interesting with a new concept of marks to evaluate the level of trust in a given situation. Following this interesting talk, we made an exercise using this concept. It was quite interesting even if the rules for this exercise were really not clear. Each team has its own rules and presentations were quite different.
Then we had to connect to the internet and we lost more than an hour just waiting and trying to figure out what we had to do.
And finally we had an introduction (?) to biomimicry made by a non-scientific using clichés to prove how nature is better than us ! Why using clichés ? The Nature is using only 5 polymers! So great ! Have you already seen a penguin driving a car? No ? Well that could explain why Nature does not need as much polymers as us… And Nature is using only 4 elements! Amazing! Have you already seen a processor microchip in a mushroom? That also could explain with Nature only need 4 elements. I think if we are here it is because we believe that Nature is better than us no need of annoying clichés.
Moreover I did not like the fact that we have no choice for the subject. I did not come here to design a building. I really do not care about buildings… I was expecting lectures about biomimicry, the traps you must avoid, how you can search interesting properties in the wild world.
Tomorrow might be a better day ! Let us wait.