Day 5 The presentation day

5 groups of us will give our presentation in the order:1.Structure 2.Water 3.Energy 4.Waste/Food 5.Education

Today is the last day we would stay in Delft and it is the last battle for us. We have done the ppt of our topic and all we have to do is to prepare for it. At the rehearsal, I have to admit that I did an awful job and almost ruined the connection among our team. I was too nervous to say the things in right order. It was a fiasco. But the good news is that I still got second chance to prove myself at last. I began to write down all the things I want to say and then put them in the right order to make it clear for the audience and also for me to remember. Of course, I did improve much at the last presentation. I make a tremendous change in 2 hours to make a difference. The pressure I gave to myself did help me a lot to change.
And I really thank Prof. Jaco for the evaluation he gave to our group. I could sense he was giving that to me as a advice and a reminder.
I really change a lot in this day and in this week. I am so happy to look back to the work I and our group have done in this week. In this week, I get up early in the morning and work late to the night, but I still get some time for fun with my friends. It was so idea for me to have this kind of life. Thank you, the Athens Course.