First Day

The beginning of a week full of activities and impressions. A unique opportunity to learn, explore and enjoy Delft.

The first day we did a tour around the campus. All was awesome: arquitecture, people, faculties... My first impression was that I would like to have in my place a campus like this, with so many new things and technologies you can use to improve in your degree. Then, after lunch, we started the course: Biomimicry design. The aim of this course is to design new products accord nature. One way to exploit our imagination with the purpose of improving our activity altering our surroundings as little as possible. We listen for some presentations and we did an exercise in groups trying to design a situation in steps analyzing the relation, place, action and time.
To be honest, it was not what I had imagined. I expected a bit more interactive and less technical. But it's only the first day. We have four days more of work so probably my impressions will change a lot during this week.