Geothermal pump

How does Geothermal unit work?

Abundance source of free renewable energy provides heating, cooling and hot water, thus we have to use it!
Two thirds of a typical building’s energy bill is from heating, cooling and hot water.
The rest is for lighting, appliances and other usage.
The biggest potencial for savings comes from your heating and cooling system.
An ordinary heat pump or air conditioner becomes least efficient when you need it to be the most efficient.
A geothermal unit never sees outdoor temperature fluctuations.
A geothermal unit doesn’t create heat, It simply collects and moves it.
Uses a series of underground pipes called a «loop»; The loop eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels
Circulate a water based solution through a series of pipes in a sealed environment.
We have three different type:
1. A vertical closed loop field is composed of pipes that run vertically in the ground. Pipe pairs in the hole are joined with a U-shaped cross connector at the bottom of the hole
2. A horizontal closed loop field is composed of pipes that run horizontally in the ground. A long horizontal trench, deeper than the frost line, is dug and U-shaped or slinky coils are placed horizontally inside the same trench.
3. A pond loop consists of coils of pipe similar to a slinky loop attached to a frame and located at the bottom of an appropriately sized pond or water source. A closed pond loop is not common because it depends on proximity to a body of water, where an open loop system is usually preferable. A pond loop may be advantageous where poor water quality precludes an open loop, or where the system heat load is small