The YUTPA Framework

Interdisciplinary research has identified 4 dimensions of significance for making choices and trade-offs for the performance of presence. The YUTPA framework, acronym for being with You in unity of Time, Place and Action, sheds light on specific presence configurations in which a person performs presence with YOU, in the NOW, being HERE, with a specific potential to DO certain things.
Each of the dimensions of relation, time, place and action is defined by a number of factors, which affect how a person judges the presence configuration in which one finds oneself. As a result specific trust is established, which affects how a person performs presence.

In the dimension of relation identified factors are: role, reputation, engagement, communion (shared meaning). In the dimension of time the factors are: duration of engagement, integrating rhythm, synchronizing performance, making moments to signify. In the dimension of place the factors are: body sense, environmental impact, emotional space, situated agency. In the dimension of action the factors are: tuning, reciprocity, negotiation, quality of deeds (actions and activities).
The YUTPA framework facilitates discussion about presence configurations. In a YUTPA analysis appointed levels to each factor are subjective indicators, and not objective calculated outcomes, for facilitating conversation about a specific presence design.

CN , Frances Brazier