1.3 Criteria of the system

Highlighting sustainability (sustainable development) needs technological improvements as well as a change in people's mentality and behavior. This change will be done only if people themselves want to change. Therefore, they must understand the meaning of sustainability and its importance for our future.

According to the definition of sustainable development, it is "a dynamic process which enables all people to realize their potential and to improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth’s life support systems". (Criteria of Sustainability, 1998)

In order to create a dialogue about sustainable development, it is helpful to decide some criteria for the opportunities and  the creativity in planning how to achieve sustainable development. These criteria act as a platform for communication, policy and strategic planning. The aim of these criteria is to understand and give answers to certain basic questions: (Criteria of Sustainability, 1998)

- what is sustainable and eco-cycle?

- what are we doing that is unsustainable?

- how to be sustainable?

If everybody acknowledges the answers for each individual case and as a community as well, then everybody will understand what to change. 

So in short all the elements of the system have to create awareness to Texelaars and tourists by sharing knowledge and exhibiting the results of the researches. In addition to this, the facilities needed must be based on green designs and use systems and technologies, like PV panels. Last but not least, all the proposals have to be coherent and create a unified design and not act independently.

Dennis , Thalia , Stefan H

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