Texel Social need

Texel Social needs

Economy from a sociological perspective is an institution and as such, one is expecting to find within it the “footprints” of other institutions that societies perceived related and interconnected (like Labour, Capital, Product, Profit, Currency, The markets… all the usual “suspects “) to create what we today call Economy.

Gaianomy as a theory tries to analyse the impact changes in these constituting institutions will have on the Economy. From pyramid chart, Texel cover all parts above the “Progress” line but only in some part above the “Prosperity” line such as commerce, institution, peace, social justice and social integration. However, to bring the island to higher step of hierarchy, wealth, diplomacy (communication to outside), research and development are needed. One of the issues that occur is because the proud of being Texel islanders, which result in a strong community, however, it creates the situation where an idea from outside is hardly to be accepted in the island.

Another issue is Healthcare facility. There are 5 doctors' practices on Texel (4 in Den Burg and 1 in De Cocksdorp) and one dialysis center in Oosterend. The nearest hospital is on mainland in Den Helder. Accessing by ambulance to the island in case of “life threatening situations”, need to be transported by ferry service which they provide extra ferry in case of emergency. Also, there is a movement of elderly care in the island because at this moment some elderly need to go to England to be in a care which the number of old people will be increased in the future.

There are groups of local people in Texel that try to improve life quality in the island by push out campaigns or movements. These groups for example are Ten for Texel and Texels Belang. From website of Texels Belong,we can conclude some issues that are concerned by local people such as:

  1. They need an independent municipality to perform their own affair.
  2. They want to maintain the core value of Texel while improving tourist industry
  3. More social housing for young people is needed
  4. They want to preserve second education level in the island, include high school and secondary professional education
  5. Active sport area
  6. They need improvement in healthcare, and ambulance that remain stationed in the island
  7. They need to keep nursing facilities (Hollewal) and let the elders to spend their old age in Texel
  8. Shelter workshop “De Bolder” should remain on the island
  9. Fresh fish market is needed for fisherman to be able to distribute their product without middlemen



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