GOING FROM NOTHING TO SOMETHING (from October 1989 to March 1990)

A group of people had been meeting each other in different configurations since October 1989 to develop an idea for an event that would address the AIDS crisis: David Garcianote 152 from Time Based Arts, Joel Ryannote 153 from STEIM , Heleen Ripernote 154 , Rolf Pixleynote 155 , Gert Hulsteinnote 156 and Matthew Lewisnote 157 from the CICT, Adelbert Duyvelshofnote 158 from the Balie, Michael Polmannote 159 from Antenna , Rop Gonggrijp from Hack-Tic, Patrice Riemensnote 160 , Jan Dietvorstnote 161 and myself from Paradiso. We were all confronted by young people in their twenties and thirties, like ourselves, dying of this incomprehensible, unknown and guilt-laden disease. We had to do something. We had to go beyond the fear.note 162