As with the GHP, the financial situation of the 0+Ball was extremely low budget. All participants more or less financed their own activities.

The 55,000 guilders obtained from the ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, and 15,000 from the AIDS Fund, were used only for those expenditures that made certain things possible that otherwise would not have been (Personal Folder Caroline, 1990). We worked with two budgets. One internal for minimal costs that we would have to incur provided people sponsored their own time and their means. The formal budget included real costs that we would have to incur without sponsored time and means. The external budget was estimated 242,250 guilders (although the Ministry had received an earlier budgetary proposal of 222,250). The first internal budget was estimated to be around 50,000 guilders in March and appeared to be 99,200 guilders at a meeting between David Garcia and myself on the 8th of June (Personal Folder Caroline,1990). By that time we knew more or less what our commitments would entail. Apart from the 70,000 guilder subsidy we received, we were supported 'in natura' by the CICT, by Apple Computer, which lent us over 30 computers, by SUN for the server, by the AMC technical staff and the many individuals and organizations who dedicated their time and effort for free. I have no records of the final expenditure of the funds. I have also found no notes about the tickets sold, nor did Paradiso keep any records of this. In my recollection we sold between 250 and 400 tickets a day. As well as visitors who bought a ticket, there were also more than 300 people present because they contributed to the programme: performing artists, visual artists, writers, journalists, medical people, political people, scientists and academics, people from the different AIDS and HIV organizations and people who just walked in to help. So at least a thousand or more people participated in Paradiso. This does not include the people with whom we were collaborating via the 0+Network, who were located in the hospitals, bookshops and in San Francisco.