3.5 The system embedded in culture & behavior

The hospitality industry is one of Texels biggest industries, which makes tourism important. This system tries to attract tourists by representing the core values. The systems makes tourists acquainted with different types of food production techniques such as agriculture, cattle breeding and aqua culture. It gives room to display craftsmanship in these areas. As hospitality is one of the characteristics of Texel, Texel can learn tourists more about how they live in balance with the environment by given examples provided by the facilities. This section suggests possible touristic opportunities that are in line with culture and core values of Texel.  

Mushroom cultivation center

Besides learning more about the techniques for food production, the facilities also give room to tell more about Texel’s nature. Texel is rich of different fungi (Ecomare, 2014). The mushroom cultivation center can therefore also give more information on all the different fungi which you can find on the island. The mushrooms produced on the coffee grounds can be used in dishes such as mushroom soup. On the Texel.nl website food on Texel is positioned as: honest food, which is locally produced with craftsmanship with an emphasis on quality and respect for nature (Texel, 2014). The mushroom cultivation suits this vision perfectly.


Farming is one of the five biggest industries of Texel. The system allows farmers to continue their job. It only requires them to collect the manure, which is retrieved by the bio digester company. The system supports farming by delivering fertilizers which enriches their land. In case farms are open to receive tourists, tourists can take a look at the farms to see how agriculture and cattle breeding is put into practice. The touristic program could even rotate in farms who are willing to receive tourists, to prevent farmers are disturbed in their activities.

Worm farming center

At the worm farming facility the emphasis can lie on Texel’s ecosystem. In nature each organism has a specific function, like worms transform ‘waste’ into a fertilizer. Learning about these eco-systems can be inspiring to everyone who is visiting. For example Industrial Design Engineering students can visit this facility to obtain inspiration for bio-inspired design. Nature has beautiful ways to solve certain problems, designers deal with as well in product design.  

Bio digester

The bio digester has to be build, since it is a new facility. It will have to be built in a manner that will not disturb eco-systems. Cradle to Cradle construction is therefore important. Although a new facility as to be build, the bio digester fits the vision of Texel to become energy self-sufficient. In case more energy is generated than required for the system, the energy can be used for energy generation for the whole island.

Aquaculture center

The maritime aspect can be expressed by cooperating with NIOZ which has a seaweed center. By expanding the seaweed center with aquaponics and fish farming facilities you can give more information on aquaculture. In these facilities NIOZ can do pilots and test, which they can use in their research. In this way you can use revenues generated from tourists to improve research facilities. In this facility you can also tell more about the history of Texels marine life, expressing the cultural aspect as well.


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