Connecting natural presences

The different natural presences are mediated by mediated presences. Natural presence defines the distinct personal time zones in which mediated presences can be received. Adaptation to different time zones of mediated presence can affect the natural presence of the people involved. Mediated presence has to be comprehensible and acceptable to the natural presence it is received by, and the mediator has to have confidence that what he/she mediates will convey what is intended. Intercultural communication between natural presence contexts is indispensable for mediated communication to succeed.

Meeting in natural presence may give an added value to online communication and online communication can also give an added value to people who usually communicate when they are gathered in the same place at the same time. On- and offline communication offer different opportunities for exchange. People need vital information that generates more opportunities for the well-being and survival of their natural presence. Vital information acquires its value in the exact time-space configuration of the person who receives it. The value, and the trustworthiness, is determined by the identity and the context of the sender. Vital information can be pragmatic, empathetic, political and/or aesthetic. When vital information is mediated it is easily accepted because it is needed and appreciated by the natural presence of the receiver.