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General statistics about people in Texel

  • Health and care facilities

There are 5 doctors' practices on Texel: 4 in Den Burg and 1 in De Cocksdorp. Diverse healthcare services are available on the island, such as physiotherapists, homeopaths, family care and social workers. The nearest hospital is in Den Helder. Transport to and from the hospital is guaranteed day and night.


Exercise possibilities

There are 140 km of bike lines mostly separated from the road (

There are three gyms in the island: Stay Fit Texel, Sportschool Texel and Fysiotherapeutisch Instituut Fitt, and there are several sports clubs: Golfbaan De Texelse (Golf), Atletiekvereniging Texel (Athletism), Paracentrum Texel B.V. (Sky diving), Wieler Sport Texel (Cycling) and V.V. Texel'94 (football) (Retrieved from Google Maps).


 Population Development; live births, deceased and migration by region 



  • Life expectancy since 1981 



  • Immi- and emigration to various characteristics 



  • Average income of individuals by region 

Average income.png


  • Share offices sector (activity) , 2010 

Share offices sector.png


  • Labour market situation of young people (15 to 27 years) 

Labour market.png


  • Employee jobs in December; economic activity (SBI2008)


Employee work.png

  • Employment history of the Dutch population in the past 4 years (2014) 

employment history.png


Branches of companies; industry (SBI 2008)

Branches of companies.png



Proportion of jobs per establishment size, 2009  

Proportion jobs per establishment.png

Distribution secondary education by type, 2009 / '10

Distribution secondary school.png

Proportion of students: college and university students by gender, 2010 / '11   

proportion college university.png

Primary school pupils per municipality where the principal state, 2010 / '11 * & Pupils in secondary education / secondary vocational and higher education students per municipality of residence, 2010 / '11  

Primary school.png

Number of people with AO benefit per 1000 inhabitants, December 2010  

Number of people with AO benefit.png

Individuals with 52 weeks income, average personal income in 1000 EUR 2008     

Individuals qith average 52 weeks income.png

Private households with income, average disposable income in 1000 euros, 2008    

Private households.png

Private households with income, average standardized income in 1000 Euro 2008   

Priva householdes standardized.png

Individuals with benefits, December 31, 2010 

Individuals with benefits.png

Area in km2, 2010 

Area 2.png

Density 2010  


Land use, 2008 to municipal and provincial division in 2010    

Land use.png

Registered and solved crime, 2010

Registered and solved crime.png



Number of inhabitants per km²

inhabitants per km2.png

Population by sex and age, 2010


Population by sex.png


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Tiwanee van der Horst , Pieter van Hall , María José Galeano Galván

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