Being in Texel

Being Sustainable during the Sustainable week in Texel???

After many weeks of hard work and research about Texel, finally the time of visiting island arrived. I had many expectations about Texel and the Texelaars. I was wondering: Is it going to be too windy? Is it going to be too cold? Is it that quite? How are the Texelaars?

So, the day arrived and after a long trip from Delft, finally we arrived. It was windy and cold and we picked up our bikes.  The idea of using bikes during the whole week was intriguing and fascinating for me, because I had heard how hard the wind was in Texel and its beautiful views. We met our startling hosts, left our baggage in our accommodation and the adventure started. However, the climate was so bad, that “we were forced to use cars”. One morning, few people decided to use the bikes instead of the car, and breathing fresh air was, indeed, refreshing. It was really nice, windy of course, but refreshing with nice views of the landscape of the island. We also met some Texelaars, and after visiting the villages, we realized that Texelaars are really innovative people and we learnt many things from them. In fact, we realize that they live in a really sustainable way.


However, in spite of all the positive aspects of our visit in Texel, I realized that, within our week in Texel, we were no sustainable actors. Using cars, using plastic plates, eating meat, and mixing the garbage. I realized that we are aware of sustainable technologies and strategies; however, are we aware of our personal behavior towards sustainability? Are we sustainable actors? The answer is no. I confirmed again that modern human beings are unsustainable by definition.

Tatiana Armijos Moya

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