Are we here by chance?

The discussions of evolution vs. creationism have been going on for a few centuries. However, they have become extremely impassioned off – late. There are 2 factions, atheists and theists who support evolution and creationism respectively.

Atheists are of the opinion that evolution has been the way mankind and other beings have come into existence. Everything had risen from one cell. 4 billion years ago (estimated age of the Earth) there was a one celled organism which due to mutations and necessity to survive had evolved slowly into a two – celled organism. To survive the harsh environmental conditions the cells kept evolving and changing. Gradually this gave rise to the different species under multiple phyla; arthropoda, mollusca, chordata etc.

Theists are of the opinion which questions the above stated phenomenon. They state that, first, there is no concrete proof about evolution, and it has been so slow it cannot be traced back. Next, they state that even if there is proof, who put that one – celled organism 4 billion years ago? Was it there by chance? Or was there a part played by a higher power (Eg: God).

Atheists say that the universe is infinitely massive, so our occurrence is a random chance which is very much possible. So on the global scale our actions are insignificant. However, theists propose that there must be justice for what has been done on Earth (in the afterlife). They feel it is just not fair that bad people can get away with what they’re doing, they must suffer the consequences in afterlife. And who gets to judge right or wrong? God.

After having a long discussion with a few friends about this topic recently, I would like to share my views on it. I have a hard time deciding which side to take. For me Science and God can co – exist, each governing their realm. My views are not governed by which argument is stronger rather, which is weaker and sounds more improbable.

In essence, my morality compels me to be in agreement with the theists about their views on justice and afterlife. I cannot accept that people doing evil things can just pass away without facing consequences for their actions. However, when I look at from a brutal and rationalistic standpoint if the universe is so massive and we are here by chance, how does it matter what you do? Doing good things and living an unfulfilling life is not worth when you can live like a cutthroat for a more fulfilling life (life with more wealth and materialistic pleasures). Even so, I feel the choice here (for me) is to go with my morals and hence I do believe that there will be consequences.

Tracking back to the point mentioned above about evolution over the course of a billion years. I choose to believe that it is not possible for a one – celled organism (on Earth) to have evolved so much that it could become multiple beings ranging from dinosaurs to fish to monkeys to humans etc. because even today scientists are discovering bacteria and protozoa (typical single celled organisms) on planets like Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which were formed along with the Earth. Even after so many years they haven’t evolved? It seems as though the premise ‘Evolution from a one – celled organism’ is wrong.

The fact that a higher power put them on Earth falls in line with my thinking and my views. However, science is ever changing and ever improving. I am hoping that there will be answers to these question soon. So until another argument comes by which has more substantial evidence rather than circumstantial evidence I will side with the theist ideals. 

Syed Aaquib Hazari