YUPTA in Techno-Eco-Systems

Transscript from Monday 14/3/11

YUPTA (You in unity of time, place and action):

instruction for an YUPTA-analysis

• Identify moments of interaction
• Focus on each moment of interaction on each of the four dimensions
• In doing so, identify and create (im)material objects and characteristics of the environment
• Identify shared meaning and assumptions
• Visualize the analysis
• Visualize and dramatize proposed scenario’s
• Make a pitch of 5 minutes

Self-regulation for transformation
Focus on techno-eco-systems

• Connectedness and Trust (essential to acceptance, sustainability)
• Data center (Multi agent system)
• Traffic management in Dublin (Train, vehicle management)
• Environment management: climate
• Self organisation

6 Topics for this week on which we work:
• Shelter
• Food
• Transport
• Water
• Waste
• Play

Asynchronous // Synchronous
Physical // Virtual

Trade off - Presence Design
3 kinds: Natural, Mediated, Witnessed

Markus Zöchbauer