Chin-Lien Chen & Chris Vermaas

We have been practicing design in the realm of communication long enough for it to feel like an indispensable part of our being. We aren’t always conscious of its process or the reasons behind our conducts. Gradually, both have nested themselves comfortably in our ways of doing. Nevejan’s question has taken us away from this comfort zone to examine and dissect the process into fragments, elements, steps, motives, logics, habits and all the other bits and pieces. Deconstructing our process was a challenge; articulating that deconstruction was an even greater challenge, for the simple reason that it is hard to present that comfort zone in words. Words that can be understood by others, words that communicate. Caroline Nevejan’s sharp, critical thinking and her enthusiastic spirit have been an aid to this close examination of how we think, what we make and what we do. And for that, the participation of this project has been a rewarding experience.

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