Ino Paap (Mediamatic Lab)

Making the tools for this research was an intense, hard, playful, strong, beautiful and inspiring process. We came to the current state of the website by several iterations. Each iteration is built upon the previous one with new experience, research and our visions. In this website authors need tools to present their work in a way they want. For doing research it has to be possible to compare the different contributions. And users need to be able to create new knowledge by collecting and combining articles from others. All this resulted in a clear and slim web structure where you can navigate in linear and associative views. You can switch your view angle all the time, which stimulates thinking. It is very inspiring to see that we created a rhythm and structure in the website where all the different views, and disciplines work so smooth together, making the tool become part of the research. Further research needs to address the question how to integrate the authoring of metadata, which is now a personal effort of Nevejan, in the research process in a collaborative way.