The second day.

The environment of a Bio-based faculty which stimulates social interaction and triggers inspiration is the result of a good system that generates, absorbes and disseminates information.

Today was more on topic then yesterday and the plan of approach made more sense.
During the afternoon we were introduced with the very inspiring lecture of John Videler. He talked about all the different amazing abilities of bees and the different ways of communication between animals, he even pointed out how bees waggle.
The link to designing the Bio-Lab industry was not immediately clear but maybe the way of communicating between the bees can be something that we can take with us.
Afterwards we were divided into groups that each were given a different subject concerning the Bio-based faculty. I was placed within the communication/education subject. A general way of brainstorming resulted in some ideas, but this particular subject turned out to be a difficult one. We decided to focus on three main functions:
1. Generation information
2. Absorbing information
3. Disseminate information
There was also a big discussion about the fact there needs to be an environment that needs to stimulate social interaction and needs to inspire, but we concluded that if we first focus on these three functions, the environment will be naturally shaped by this functions.