To create 'my Paradiso'

Pierre Ballings emphasized that the production process of Paradiso is 'content-driven'. As a result the editing, the marketing, the guests (musicians or others) and the potential audience are approached as one production process. When Paradiso decides to do 'something' (like an Arab night, a programme about identification technologies, a gathering of choirs, a special musical night), then key-figures who can contribute to an editorial board first have to be identified. For this reason the networks of people around Paradiso are of crucial value for its success. Sometimes such key-figures approach Paradiso with a sketch or an idea, in which case they have to be acknowledged. Sometimes Paradiso approaches other people. The editors will suggest ideas about guests, about the programme and ideas about how to approach the audience. In collaboration with the people from Paradiso they will then further develop the idea, in which both the expertise of the editors and the expertise of Paradiso is used. The 'other person', be it a guest or someone in the audience, is the focus of attention from the start. Both guest and audience have to sense that they are in 'my Paradiso", as Ballings formulated it.