Food consumption tendencies and points of improvement

The food habits of Dutch people can be increased quite a bit. It is necessary to look for points of improvement when we want to create a new sustainable consumption pattern for the people of Texel. 

The intake of fruit and vegetables has to be improved. Also fish and dietary fibre have to be consumed a bit more. Saturated fat intake has to be decreased. The challenge is to find suitable local Texel products that can fulfill the requirements of a healthy diet and help make the island more sustainable. 

Quote of Dutch National Food Consumption Survey 2007-2010 (p.79):

"In sum, this comparison shows that there have been some
favourable trends taking place over the last 5 years among
young adults. For example, the decrease in the intake of
trans fatty acids, the higher intake of vitamin E and a slight
improvement in the consumption of vegetables in women.
Although consumption of fortified foods increased
considerably, the intake of iron and calcium decreased.
Moreover, low intakes of fruit, vegetables, fish and dietary
fibre, and too high intake of saturated fatty acids are still
the main nutritional points for improvements in the diet of
this part of the Dutch population." 


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