How do the future sub-system and the current sub-system contrast in terms of rules and regulations that organize the system?

Regarding rules and regulation for public space, currently, local and international governments and policies have included many regulations that attempt to improve nature management, however it is important to include some inclusive regulations within these existing policies that allow protecting nature and at the same time generating recreation, education and income for the locality. Thus, producing a social and economic exchange. What is more, government should include some regulations about how to be a good visitant (tourist) and how to be a good host (local). Therefore, the proposed goals can be achieved successfully. What is more, it is important to take into account customs and traditions within the development of any policy, thus, creating a sense of belonging and attachment to local places, and at the same time creating social cohesion and inclusion.

Pinal Desai , Tatiana Armijos Moya

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