15 Resolutions for 2015

Since the start of this course sustainability is on my mind more and more often, however I haven't changed any of my habits yet. Time for some classical new years resolutions!

As I proposed in my previous columns I think small changes applied on a large scale are the key. Therefore I've made the following goals for myself:

1. go by bike more often

2. shower 1 minute shorter

3. separate household trash

4. introduce an extra day without meat

5. don't leave the tap open during the dishes

6. turn off your laptop if you don't use it

7. avoid spilling food

8. don't leave the heater on

9. wear a(n extra) sweater inside

10. don't fill the entire cooker for one cup of tea

11. don't buy Primark clothes

12. fill up the refrigerator

13. unplug charged devises

14. turn off the lights

15. find out how much you can save!

As an encouragement for myself I'll try to find out the influence of these "small" changes!