What's next

With the Texel week approaching, my final exam week is within sight as well. After 5 years filled with lectures and stressful exam weeks it is all going to change. Again it’s time to make decisions and plan my next steps, starting with the search for an internship.

Luckily, as a mechanical engineer, there still seem to be enough job openings and opportunities for internships. Provided with this luxury position I visited several career events and company days. While doing this I noticed how companies with a visible view on sustainability had most of my interest. Not the companies that just wanted to show how “sustainable” they are, but the ones where you could tell from their actions. I was surprised to see how many companies are making an effort in this.

It’s great that, since sustainability is becoming a trend, it’s a must for companies to show their dedication. Not only the small idealistic companies but also the big multinationals must change their position in order to maintain their image. If they don’t, they end up at the wrong side of the many lists created at various researches. In this way it is being stimulated to go for the, often more expensive, sustainable method.

The best part is that, the more companies that get involved, the more research will be done and the better methods will be found. Sustainability will become more easily achieved and will thus gain market. Though my plan was to write this column criticizing the way some companies manipulate their actions in order to score higher at sustainability lists, I’ve decided that every effort, even when just for the image, should be encouraged! The fact that sustainability is gaining attention, in every possible way, will inspire and spread the change!

I’m looking forward to our week at Texel and to meet entrepreneurs for whom sustainability has already become a lifestyle instead of a marketing tool! I wonder what a career event in 50 years will be like. I hope that by that time sustainability has become so big it won’t even be visible anymore, that it’s not a positive characteristic anymore, but something natural!