2.1 Actors and Definitions

Definition of the actors important to the subsystem

In the subsystem of Texel as Host, there are quite some important actors. Actors are the groups of people involved in the system. On the island there are four kind of actors: inhabitants, guests, tourists and visitors.

The inhabitants are defined as a person or animal that lives in or occupies a place. [2] 

Guests are people staying at a certain place because they were invited there. It is possible that guests will use the facilities made for the tourists.

Tourists are traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. [1] 

Visitors are people going to a certain place for a shorter period of time, who visit for a different reason than guests or tourists, for example to go to a business meeting. 

In this work the focus is mainly on tourists, because Texel serves as a host mainly for tourists, because most people visiting Texel are tourists.

Other sectors that are related to the tourism sector are the food sector, accomodation sector, entertainment sector, cultural sector and infrasturctural sector. These sectors are connected by all kind of bonds. If something is changed in one sector, others may benefit or experience drawbacks from this change. Therefore all these sectors should be considered when thinking about the tourism sector.

Some of the main tourist attractions on Texel are:



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