Recording the sun

In the basement of the Rietveld there was a room, which I used as a studio for a while. The only sunlight I could see there, was a small spot that came down through the staircase windows. The beginning and end of the day were marked off by pieces of tape: A sun dial.

At a certain point I placed some magnifying glasses along the path of the sun. They would leave a burn mark when the sun would pass by and shine through them. Every day a new scar of that particular moment was created.

The sun's movement throughout the day translated into a burn mark from west to east on the floor, while the change from spring to summer made it slowly move from north to south. Every day a new line was printed, creating a recording of time. Slowly more and more material burned away, leaving clean spots where the clouds had been.

From the burns where the sun had been shining, a photograph very slowly started appearing, untouched by the shadows of the trees and clouds.

Zoro Feigl