This site is an ongoing research project into Witnessed Presence. Building upon the dissertation Presence and the Design of Trust (Nevejan 2007), Frances Brazier and Caroline Nevejan started a collaboration in 2008 to better understand implications of Witnessed Presence for systems design.

Knowledge from academia, from the professional realm and from the arts all contribute to a better understanding of how we design and experience communication processes anno 2011. The negotiation of trust and truth is deeply influenced by the use of technologies. Social structures are shifting and human beings are inventing new ways of understanding and acting in the world around them. Many of these changes are not intentional, they emerge. The dissertation Presence and the Design of Trust argues that witnessed presence is a catalyst for these changes. Witnessing is the focus of the research presented in this site in which these emergent practices and insights are explored.

Together with the Mediamatic Lab a knowledge infrastructure has been created in which different kinds of knowledge provide different perspectives, providing a framework for reflection. Both linear and associative navigation are possible, as well as search by keywords. Metadata are authored by Nevejan, enabling meaning to evolve.