Texel as host

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How does a sustainable ‘hosting’/tourism system for Texel look like and what is needed to achieve this?

Texel accommodates lots of tourist  during all seasons. This is obviously good for economy: during a holiday people spend more and consume more. In 2013 the 694.847 visitors spend together ca. € 275.000.000 on Texel. On average they stay 4.7 nights and stay in the various hotels, b&b’s, campings and group accommodations Texel has to offer. Texel has a good score for sustainable tourism on islands, because of its many bike lanes and protected nature areas. Nevertheless major actors in tourist industries hesitate to profile Texel as sustainable, or invest in sustainability, fearing decreasing tourist numbers. Others suggest that sustainability may turn the tide of decreasing numbers due to outdated facilities. This raises questions about how sustainability and tourism can be more connected. What opportunities does sustainability offer to become an even more attractive host to ‘people from across’ (‘overkanters’ in Dutch)? What does sustainability means in terms of Texel as a place for tourism?

Current initiatives:

- Texels Entrepreneurs: http://www.top-texel.nl/

- Jong entrepreneurs: http://www.jont.nl/

- Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis