Public space

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How does a sustainable public space system in Texel look like and what is needed to achieve this?

Texel has much and diverging public spaces:  from Texel’s fully paved entrance from the ferry to exceptional nature areas suchs as the Slufter, dunes, flats and beaches. This space is used for various needs such as recreation, transport, living, flood protection, nature conservation etc. That implies a wide range of different requirements to public spaces spaces, such as that it should cater for fun and  livability, be economical, functional, safe, strong, green and ecological etcetera. For example,a sustainable streetlight plan will be implemented soon for villages and roads at Texel. Interestingly, when public lighting was discussed in the villages all kind of arguments were mentioned, of which energy was hardly one. Tinker about other challenges for the public space to contribute to a sustainable Texel.

Current initiatives
Sustainable lighting Texel

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