Origin of Playce and saying "hello" to Biomimicry design

Meeting with concepts of bio mimicry and actuall understand how to add it up when making designs. How to identify whats to find and what is to be captured.

Origin of plaYce and saying "hello" to biomimicry design.

Yes, We came up with a name for our place which is plaYce, A play place in busy city.
As the concept goes plaYce is place for all, no matter of age.

We have seen how things work in presence design and now it was time to work with nature. Biomimicry
is one aspect which has great things to offer for us. Everything that exists in ecosystem performed some
function and some are for attraction, some for safety, some of stability or for survival in the

Currently designers across the globe are trying to involve or mock the designs readily available in nature
to their work to have best resource management and better productivity with less harm to nature.
Keeping all the aspects in mind we started our search for aspects that help us understand nature and take something
for plaYce.

We came up with three main functions that we wanted. They were namely Attraction, Bonding and place dimension.

Our team had some cool ideas of having place which supports many seasons, having solar panels to self sustain
for small need of power. Having activities which produce energy and convert it in other form
of light or sound, which makes plaYce more fun and attractive. At the same time it explains principle of
conservation of energy, storing energy and converting it which are main educational aspects.
Teach children how to learn from small thing but at same time making it fun for all.

Using recycled things for making small puzzles or small games should add sense of reponsibility to all
while actually giving them a great time.

My focus in our group is to try and touch the angle of increasing bonding between parents and children.
Also between different people of community.
It has more of psychological value then physical so it does not have real model that we mimic
from nature but there is of course more to learn from communal animals like gorillas or ants.
Still our focus would be more on involving people for doing different activities that are
fun and make bonding with people easier.