Wind turbines as electrical energy source

For the research of other ways to obtain energy from a nature the wind is also a very powerful source to produce electrical energy. That makes interesting to analyse how is it possible to profit this strong energy and transform it to the energy needed. The most common machine used is the wind power plant. It is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy.

As it has been calculated, for a faculty building is required approximately 1.500 KW. The efficiency of wind turbines are very low with small diameters, and as we need much more energy to cover the electrical part of the faculty building that would not work. So, to cover the power required it is normal to use a wind turbine which size is going to be approximately 80 meters high. But to install a wind power plant in the middle of the university is not feasible for aesthetic and structure reasons, the only way to put them close to the building would be small ones but as just mentioned would not work. Then the final solution adapted could be place strategically the wind turbine in a place were the wind is high to obtain as much energy as possible but at the same time not very far from the building.

Another problem that made us build the wind power plant to a safer place and not on the top of the structure was the vibrations that the station would generate to the faculty building. As the structure will receive a lot of power of the wind there is an incredible energy absorbed and then trasmitted to the ground, where the building will be placed. But as it is mentioned before placing the wind turbine far from the faculty and then transporting the electrical energy would be a good solution.

Otherwise, a storage building will be required due to the high quantity of energy produced by the station. There are some periods that no wind will flow and energy stored will provide the building electricity required to carry out the current activities completely normal.