YUTPA analysis of the energy project

This YUTPA analysis tries to uncover the framework of the interaction between students and the energy they use. To do so, every different aspect, Relation, Place, Action and Time, is discussed.

The most important aspect of the interaction between student and electricity is time. Since almost everyone uses energy most of the time, the engagement is permanent. Also the rhythm is important, since everyone wants the energy immediately when they need it. Energy enables moments that signify, but it doesn't create those moment. Therefore the last point is less important.

As a close runner-up is the place. Especially the environmental impact of energy is of utter most important since it has an impact on the other aspects of human life. Energy in the form of heat is also important as it influences our overall body sense. This again has an impact on the other aspects of our life. The emotional space is less present in the interaction.

Third aspect is of the framework is relation. At this point in time, our interaction with energy itself is of minor importance. However the awareness of the impact of energy itself grows. This way the reputation, engagement an communion become more essential in the relation between energy and students.

The last aspect in the list is action. Although energy is very critical in our daily life as it enables us to do other activities, the action with energy itself is less important. Negotiation, for example, is almost non existing. Also the quality of the deeds is of minor importance as people expect the energy to be always of an acceptable quality.

Andreas Belderbos