Group presentation report

This article summarizes the presentation of the Education and Communication group, as given on Wednesday, 20th of March, 2013.

The team distinguishes three main functions: generate information, disseminate/share information and store information.

Generation of information is here rather evident as TUDelft is an outstanding university. An example that is found in nature is fungus, lots of roots grow in all directions. Once a food source is found, all other roots starve and only the root providing food remains.

Sharing information is the most critical for emergency communication and a response system. An example found in nature for this is the Red habister ants. As they make the communication in big colony very efficient.

Disseminate information: information first identified, filtered and then transferred. Works as a neuro-system, identifies what information a person needs. Example of red ants can again be used.

Two ways are identified in nature to store the information. A first option is to store information as it is store in a brain with neurons, information is stored in connections. Another option is to store information is a genetic way as in DNA.

De Turck