1.2 Societal needs

Hierarchy of societal needs (pyramid structure)

The pyramid of hierarchy of the societal needs represents Economy from a sociological perspective. In this case, economy is related and interconnected with different institutions such as labor, capital, currency, etc. All these different meanings create what we call today 'Economy'.

Gaianomy is a theory which tries to analyse the impact that changes in these institutions will have on the Economy.

This theory is still brand new, as there was no previous research on the subject, and is based on 'Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs'. The use of the pyramid can help us realize the different ingredients that consist and influence societies and the importance of leisure and education specifically. (Hierarchy of Societal Needs, 2011)

Texelaars' societal needs on Leisure and Knowledge

As we can see from the pyramid our sub-system can be found in the levels of 'coherence', 'progress', 'prosperity' and 'enlightment'.

More specifically,

_ coherence represents the economical condition and is located at the 2nd level of importance for the society, after survival aspects. In our case it consists of all leisure activities. The activities and the unique character of Texel will attract more visitors that will have fun and wander around the local businesses and points of interest.

_ progress is at the 3rd level and consists of all the aspects that will create continuity and equality between inhabitants. It is very important for a peacefull society and thus it is a great parameter for our sub-sytem as well. Technology and science have a significant role for community's progress and for that reason we want to promote the use of technological innovations for energy saving/generating, communication, building construction, etc.

_ prosperity represents the research and development, which will be promoted through NIOZ, the new department of sustainability and Ecomare.

_ enlightment, last but not least on the pyramid, will be achieved through the network between the departments on the island and the spreading of information about the researches and the achievements on sustainability, all over the world, becoming an example to follow.

In order to achieve our goals with locals' participation we have to set a program for the long term and not create unstability through drastic actions. The inhabitants are of main importance for our sub-system and we have to respect their culture and habits, without forcing them to change. The overall program has a schedule for achievement until around 2045 and we expect to have a few adjustments later on. according to people's respond. Visiting Texel in January will also give us insight of the local ethics and help us adjust our proposal even more, if necessary.

Thalia , Stefan H , Dennis

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