Oosterend: The fisherman village

Oosterend: The fisherman village


Oosterend is a village of the municipality of Texel within the Dutch province of North Holland. Actually, Oosterend is the second largest village on the island. One important thing about Oosterend is that although it's situated further from the sea than Oudeschild, it's the hometown of most fishermen on Texel.

What is more, Oosterend is built around a church called Maartenskerk ("Saint Martin's Church") that is located in the center of the village and it is one of the oldest churches in the Netherlands.. The oldest parts of the church were built in the 11th century. Oosterend is sometimes called Jerusalem-of-the-north, this is caused due to five different religions in the village, Catholicism, Baptism, Dutch Reformed, Protestantism, Reformed-Gemeente. But this does not lead to conflicts, since all the religions live peacefully together.  In fact, many people think that Oosterend is the most charming village on Texel, due to its picturesque little streets and their ancient façades surrounding the medieval Maartenskerk. What is more, this village is situated on the Wadden Sea, and it has some 1,300 inhabitants and several shops, some restaurants and a café, making the village a lively and cheerful place. Regarding public space aspects, it is also important to mention the Leitjes route, which is a charming walk through the ancient parts of Oosterend.

There are also some summer and winter activities within the village. For instance, a large flea market is held regularly in the summer, and during winter there is a Christmas Market, which always attracts lots of visitors.

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