8. Conclusion

Collaboration and involvement of stakeholders is essential to implement this system successfully. This system exists out of a lot of sub-system and many different required involved stakeholders. These stakeholders are all dependent of each other, since waste of one stakeholder, becomes a resource for the other.

Although it will remain a challenge to implement this system, Texelaars are known as a strong community. Striving towards the same goal ‘Creating a self-supportive sustainable Texel’ can connect them even more and operate as an unit.

In the Texel week one subsystem of the blue economy system is validated through interviews with stakeholders. Through an interview with Maarten Dijker of the Texelse Paddestoelen Kwekerij and interviews with restaurants that use shiitakes mushrooms in their menu, feasibility of implementation of mushroom cultivation on coffee waste is tested. Through collaboration adaptations can be made to increase chance of success. In the future stakeholders of other sub-systems need to be interviewed as well, to involve them in the design process and increase the chance that the project will be executed successfully. 


N.B. This section will be finalized on Texel.