Educational and kids entertainment question

How can children have a place in this community?

Children are a very important part in alls communities all around the world, because they will be the future of the community. Their success will determinate the survival of the community.
In consequence education is one of the primary things to solve.
We are thinking about use some rooms of the public of the public building as classrooms. We must separate at least 2 age strips ( maybe 3). With the small size of our village we are thinking of a a maximum of 10-15 children. The first for the youngest childs ( 2-6 years) and at least other with the rest.
Two adults, with teacher studies will learn individually with the childs of the groups and stimulate in each one either the knowledges that the kid want to know and those that he isn't interesting him.

For the entertainment and the free time of the kids, we haven't space constraint because we have infinite places to build playgrounds.
Depending on the weather, a outside playground will be necessary for the summer time. In the winter, the rooms used as classrooms can easily be used has playrooms.

Tomás Martín González