You can’t be like you are at home

Priya Kaul is doing mostly group facilitation with IT companies, financial services companies and some detail sector companies from out CW Solution. The workshops are about leadership development, communications skills, cross cultural collaboration and teambuilding

A lot of the clients depend on technology to a large extent because they are not in the same place. So they do have to work double hard to keep establishing the connection and rapport, to keep trusting each other as teams to work together.

In the workshops Priya Kaul gives communication is crucial, which is why they focus a lot on behavioural skills that the clients are going to use: to show that you understand, (instead of just understanding it in your head), to show confidence, to learn to present professionally, to be aware of body language, to develop verbal skills, to manage expectations, to make clear what you need, what you expect, what you want, what you want to do with your team, what you want to do across with the global teams. Priya Kaul argues that at work you can’t be like you are at home. You can’t be laid back; you can’t expect things to happen because the people around you don’t know you for twenty years, like your family would.