Caroline Nevejan

chief editor of this site

Caroline Nevejan is researcher and designer focusing on the impliications of technology on society. Having been involved with interdsiciplinary projects for over 20 years, she speaks a variety of professional languages. She has been initator, conceptualizer, producer, manager and director of local, national and international work. She works with internationally with professionals, academics and artists on Witnessed Presence. Currently she is connected to Delft Technical University, where she collaborates with Professor Frances Brazier. She is crown member in the Dutch Council for Culture and the Arts (

Between 2004 and 2006 she was connected with the Amsterdam School for Communication Research of the University of Amsterdam (ASCOR) realizing the dissertation "Presence and the design of Trust" with prof. Cees Hamelink and Dr. Sally Wyatt. Originally she studied social sciences with a focus on the methodology of research in the communications domain.

Between 2001 and 2004 Nevejan was director of research and development of the University of Professional Education of Amsterdam (NL). This research group (OrO) had the task to work with teachers and students to design and to redesign learning environments in the fast changing world of higher education. (

Since 1995 Caroline Nevejan is also connected to Performing Arts Labs (UK). Being advisor and research associate, she has focused with PAL on the changes for the performing arts with the rise of the current new media era. (

Since 1988 she has been thoroughly involved in designing digital culture. For 11 years Nevejan was a staff member of Paradiso, the musical venue of long-standing international reputation. There she organized international conferences, which addressed a variety of issues regarding the developing network society. These events have resulted in networks that are still expanding today. (

In 1994 Nevejan co-founded the Society for Old and New Media. The Waag Society, as it is known today, is an independent media lab and a knowledge center with a specific interest in the future of the public domain. Among many projects that Caroline Nevejan initiated at the Waag are The Reading Table for Old and New Media, which won the Rotterdam Design Prize 1997, Demi Dubbel, a curriculum game for 10 year olds, Internet in the Sky, a research project with Europe Online about the future of the internet, and Brandon, the first virtual piece of art acquired by the Guggenheim museum in New York. Working on these and similar projects she developed a cultural perspective on education. (

In 1999 Caroline Nevejan joined the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, the University for professional education of Amsterdam. With teachers, students and other co-workers she directed the educational design process of this large institution. Doing consultancy, hosting networks, doing research and making sites and creating special events OrO functions as a catalyst in organizational and educational process. (,

Nevejan is a regular presenter at national and international fora. She is an advisor to national and European policy makers. She has been connected to the Doors of Perception Foundation for many years. (