Interacting with materials

Jogi Panghaal argues that while interacting with material the human being changes the material , and the material changes the human being. The senses get skilled early in life when human beings learn to distinguish between light and heavy, soft and hard, more fragile and less fragile and so on.

The moment one touches material, this material becomes present and it communicates it qualities. How these qualities are perceived is dependent on the way the senses of the human being have been trained and the experiences one has had. Like natural material, also the interaction with technology deeply affects the human being’s presence in the world. With the same skills of the hand for instance one can interact with natural materials and technology as well. However, the use of technology changes deeper concepts of behaviour, like how and when to make decisions for example. When making new things, the interaction with the material is playful, exploratory, testing the possibilities of the material to see what is possible. Such an attitude is part of the survivor’s kit of any human being.