Centre is where sense emerges

When asked about the story of the potter who gets centred by the wheel, who creates a centred pot, which centres the woman and creates a centred community, van Splunter points out that this is something we are still trying to reach.

If you write emergent computer programs with emergent behaviour, which create a rhythm by itself and you also have the human society with a rhythm, you would like to make this centring happen because then those two environments can come together. The centre in this case would not be the point where it comes together, but the point where coming together makes sense, as van Splunter formulates it. Basically it requires a bit of understanding of both sides. On the one hand one needs to know what the needs of society are. On the other hand one needs to know how the interaction of systems and previous systems interacts with the needs of society. Another challenge is to create some kind of rhythm in there. This is something that can be difficult to model. One aspect is a control problem on the systems side.