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PRODUCING THE EVENT (March 1990 June 1990)

Because we wanted to address different audiences and have as many organizations involved as possible we decided to make it a threefold identity: "THE 0+Ball / Art Online for AIDS / ICATA 1990". The 0+ Ball was intended to be a good conference to discuss issues at the border of what was thinkable as well as being a good party in which people could transcend the boundaries of time and place in an imaginary, aesthetic and emotional way. Performing artists and visual artists were invited to contribute on- and offline to shape the environment in which our thinking and emotions would be challenged. In the late spring of 1990 Wil van der Meer and Simone Delorme joined the core-organizing group and ensured that over 150 performing artists would contribute to The Seropositive Ball. Eric Claassens organized the catering.note 170