Productivity of engagement

In contemporary context the question of trust is crucial, since distance and disembodiment are an integral and accepted factor of communication. In distance and disembodied communication one has to posit one’s confidence in the productivity of engagement.

Because trust in any sort of transaction is in a way reposing one’s faith or one’s believe in the productivity of that transaction. You believe the transaction, what ever it is, and it can have various degrees. It could be collaborating on a paper, or asking someone a technical query, whatever. Unless and until you assign a certain degree of concreteness to it, it ceases to have any value or meaning. Often the way we negotiate this trust is that we segregate and compartmentalize, Hazra notices. One invests a certain amount of trust on someone’s claim for expertness in a particular section of a domain, like lingo scripting for example, and then you mentally structure your mind so that you decide internally that you are not going to invest the same trust in this person’s judgement on ecology for example.