Proving presence

In the online world, not only music but also human communication is based on mental maps. Human beings have mental images of each other on the basis of which they communicate. Such mental images are dynamic and dependent on processes of attribution. Processes of attribution are triggered by transactions online.

Online existence is based on these transactions: people have to continually do transactions with friends, colleagues, and others to prove presence in time and space. Posting on a mailing list and commenting to Facebook, twitter, sending emails etc., are transactions that contribute to the negotiation of interacting identities. Digital witnessing contributes to the establishment of reputation and authenticity, through hyperlinks and records of transactions between humans and machines as well as between humans mediated through machines. When a system comes into being, branding and social context create its credibility. When a system is established, its moments of crises and celebration will move its credibility in one way or other direction (interview Abraham 2008).