Timing is critical in online collaboration

Wilson has a distinct behavior of timing in her collaboration with the programmers: confirm when you receive a batch of code, immediately download it and start testing immediately.

All the time Wilson stays in touch, test the whole day and at the end of the day she files the bug reports. They will respond the next day whether they can fix it, what they do not understand and they keep doing that cycle till we have fixed the bugs.

Clients need feedback within the same day. There is an email system to confirm the receiving of emails, and reminds the company to answer. A support system is in place over three continents to know what is happening and alarm if necessary. For clients the people of the company are part of the system.

With Wilson’s business partners, they more or less know what they are about to do. Because they know each other for a long time, not many things are time critical. They understand each other and pick up the slack as soon as it is possible. It is important though to not forget to share the moments of success, booth with business partners as well as with the programmers.