Zero footprint of carbon energy

For Jansma the most important requirement of today’s technology is very simple: there should be zero footprint of carbon energy. People should be free to use energy; it should not feel like wasting energy.

If a person is alone in the forest and uses an axe to cut wood, this is a great because the tree grows again and the axe isn’t really changed after it is used. It is very sustainable and renewable. Technologies should be re-usable technologies, Jansma argues. There are great technologies popping in because of developments in biology and technology; we can grow buildings today. For instance there is a material, you have sand and you spread some fluid over it and then it gets sandstone, and once you’re done, you just grind it again. That is the kind of technology we need. The most important thing for technology inventors is that they should have fun inventing as long as it is not polluting and it is not using enormous amounts of energy. It does not make sense to set an agenda for these developers. A lot of technology, which is used today, was never thought of when inventing.