Feedback of realness

For Jansma technology is wonderful. Without it we couldn’t have the complicated urban society with every decade higher expectations of our interactions in our society. If there wasn’t a whole lot of technology, we would go back to a rural society, but on another level we are also challenged by the anonymous space, which the urban life gives us.

For Jansma it is a challenge in his work to make a nasty piece of infrastructure into kind of a social place and interactive technologies can play a role in this. Architecture has to do with gravity and some other reality issues. Before, the virtual and the real world seemed to be two different worlds; nowadays they merge more and more. Buildings can change color, people can communicate via walls, movements and more and this influences the experience of place, argues Jansma. The influence of technology has impact on the physical experience of realness and feedback of realness in the first place. If you get all kinds of sensors in your system, you’ll still know it’s not the real thing, Jansma argues. Walls of super flat screens, which render environments for example, do not feel real and people will feel tricked. The new way of technology is indeed that we build physical things, maybe print them, and that we can very easily, without a big eco footprint, redo it, suggests Jansma.