First sessions in Adobe Workspace

With Jason and Johnny we explored in a few afternoons how to make a first set up for the shared negotiator
Here is the Mediating Presence Testbed, you need to log in with your first name
Caroline will help otherwise,

Your workspace is here
Under Contributors

skype 1 :
kamera 1
display 1

skype 2:
kamera 2

hangout/adobe på horisontellt bord
med whiteboard öppen
prova placera bef. smartboard i cozy - i central-läge

R1 köper eller testar en smartboard
Leif tar reda på om CSC har en som funkar
(Så ses vi där på tisdag!)

Var sitter fläktarna?

(Kitempi ska köpa in en, med el utan projektor?)
ALLA kollar lämpligt inköp

Charlie kollar vad TU Delft har

Johnny kollar med Kåre/Peter om det finns arbetstid

Vi avsätter
13-16 tisdag 14e
kl 13-15 onsdag 15e
Charlie kan skissa på whiteboard på distans under sportlov v 8

Hi all, Tjerk will try to join you later. But I couldn't resist to start the adobe link. I see Leif handwaving and Jesper agreeing.
Anyway I have to do some other stuff now. Hope to talk to you later.

On the agenda is
1. Preparations for the workshop 14-16th
- have you booked tickets/hotel?
- prototyping preparations
2. Worktime allocation - have you been able to shcedule your work hourse in 2012 in relation to your task, do you think of reporting your hourse on the ICT labs time sheets, is your university administration up to date with the ICT Labs regulation
3. Report from meeting RIHA Acitivity Leads last week with Lynda, Olivier Festor and Martti
4. Other

Leif Handberg , Johnny Widen